We have been Restaurant POS systems resellers for over 40 years and during that time we have marketed, installed and supported most major brands of POS software.


In most cases, we found that there were things that made the software difficult to setup, train, operate and support. There were a number of what we call “Bells and Whistles” that just weren’t needed by most of our customers.


“Bells and Whistles” that got in the way of functionality. “Bells and Whistles” that someone writing the software decided were essential and/or was the next great “thing” but a restaurateur’s didn’t need or want and would gladly do without.


We knew that there had to be a better way to approach the Restaurant POS market.


Here is a novel idea. How about listening to the customers. Provide solutions that match their management and operational needs and don’t get in the way of a restaurant’s main business… providing the best dining experience possible.


We would get frustrated with some of our software developer/vendors when we would tell them what functionality our customers were requesting from their software in order to run a successful restaurant. Often the response from these software developer/vendors was, “Now why would anyone want to do it that way?” These software developer/vendors were writing software from their point of view rather from the restaurateur’s.


So we started from scratch, listened to our customers and applied our years of combined Restaurant POS experience to the effort of creating a Restaurant POS software suite that was “Designed with YOU in Mind”


Total Touch POS™ software is the result of this creative effort. We made the software intuitive and as simple to install, train, operate and support as a “Smart Cash Register” but gave it the power and flexibility of a robust computer networked system.


Total Touch POS™ is full of features but not full of features that you won’t use. We also decided that we would let our customers tell us what might be the next great “thing.”


We have installed many Total Touch POS™ systems and they have performed flawlessly and beyond all expectations.


The Total Touch POS™ system is marketed and supported through a nationwide network of experienced and competent Channel Partners (Dealers). To locate the dealer nearest you, use our contact information page or (Click HERE).